I’m Ashley

An Eastbourne based yoga teacher, providing classes for adults and children in Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

My Yoga journey started about 6 years ago having spent my late teens & early 20s struggling with having a super bendy body which I now know to be hyper-mobility; a diagnosis that affects certain tissues in the body, mental health and gut health.

Yoga classes; the movement, breath work, meditation and lifestyle have been key players in supporting my health to a place where I can enjoy and engage with the world around me in ways I never thought possible.

Embodying these practices make working in this industry something that feeds my soul, watching people grow and nourishing themselves is the ultimate job in my eyes. Having worked in mental health for many years, I use everything I have learnt to support clients to their end goal. 

Why I love what I do…

Helping with Anxiety

I have a client who attends weekly 1-1 Breathwork and Yoga Nidra (Non sleep deep rest). He came for his initial session and described feeling scared in world, anxious and ready to fight; feelings I had once been a little too familiar with.

At the beginning of the journey our yoga classes often ended quickly, working at a pace that worked for him personally. However,  over time both our Breath Work and Nidra practice have grown to 1 hour classes.

A Sanctuary where University Grades Improved...

Another client describes our sessions as a sanctuary. The practices we have worked on together are used in his day to day life too.  When we started working together their uni grades were suffering and now they are achieving 2:1s. A true inspiration, and I’m very proud to have been a tiny part in their story…  

The Confidence to Give it a Go...

Having been approached by a couple in their late 40’s, both with their own personal issues, they knew yoga and meditation was what was required to help them out but they simply did not have the confidence or belief to try this out in public yoga classes. 

I have worked with them in a private setting & this has now become the most valued hour of their week. It provides calm amongst an otherwise crazy schedule, awareness of what their bodies need to achieve to move more freely and more importantly the confidence to keep progressing.

One of said couple is now confident enough to try a workshop, that’s good enough for me!

Want to know more?

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If you have any questions or are unsure which is the best session for you, please get in touch. I cater for all abilities and ages, and am happy to discuss your individual needs.