Kid’s Yoga


Embedding Yoga into a Child’s Life at a Young Age is a Huge Gift

The exploration of Yoga Movement through Yoga Stories and Games allow children some space to explore their movement whilst being encouraged to experience and express different emotions as they play. 

A happy, healthy lifestyle

Starting young allows these practices to be carried through to adulthood with ease.

Introducing mindfulness and breath-work through play enables children to be comfortable with how they are feeling and have an understanding of how resilient they are. Children naturally move and breathe freely so encouraging the growth of these practices at a young age allows for a far easier implementation throughout adult life. 

Overall, these sessions lead to a happy, healthier lifestyle. What better gift could be given…

Local Schools – I have contracts with some of the local schools including Grovelands in Hailsham and Little Meadows in Langney. If you’d like to discuss bringing yoga into your educational establishment please get in touch.

Give your child the gift…

If you’d like to learn more about our children’s yoga, or perhaps you are looking to bring yoga into an educational setting, please get in touch. 

Children in Eastbourne doing a yoga class