Where the magic happens

I offer Private sessions in Breath Work & Yoga Nidra, Functional Movement Yoga or a Combination of all 3.

These classes take place either in your own home or a local studio and are truly where the magic happens. 

In these more personal sessions I can start to understand your needs on an individual level, our first meeting will involve a welcome consultation where I will get to know what you would like to get from our classes and better understand your  movement. The first meeting will close with a gentle Yoga practice, a Yoga Nidra style meditation and some breath work.

I then go away and write classes based on your specific needs. Private tuition allows you to take the reins and let me know what works for you, so your classes can look however you would like them to, however if that feels overwhelming allow me to guide you through… 

£50 per hour for classes at home £65 for those in venue.

Why choose private tuition?

Specifically tailored to you

Whatever your ability, or history we work within your capabilities to ensure safe classes, with smooth progression. Whether you are recovering from an injury, or suffer from poor posture or lack of flexibility, we will be able to tailor your programme to your exact needs.

Your commitments don't work to class schedules

Perhaps you simply cannot make the times available within the group timetables. Private tuition is booked around your schedule, at your choice of location.

The Confidence to Give it a Go...

Not everyone is confident enough to join a class environment, especially if they’ve never practiced yoga before. There are so many different styles of yoga, and some really scary looking poses out there, it can all be a little intimidating to start!

“I’m forever grateful that I was introduced to Lotus Lessons. As a new beginner I was nervous about what to expect and how I wasn’t flexible etc and then I met Ashley. 

What a lady! I had 121 sessions with her and she just made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Lotus Lessons is more than just your average yoga class. With Ashley being very knowledgable in looking at the body as a whole, I very quickly noticed healthier patterns developing in my life. Some of these changes came about through sheer conversation and wow, has my life improved! 
I would highly recommend that you start your yogic journey with Lotus Lessons to experience a personal, professional and well thought through well being session with warmth and compassion.
I truly believe that things happen in life for a reason and meeting Ashley was one of those moments that was just meant to be”!


1:1 Client – Summer 2022


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If you have any questions or are unsure which is the best session for you, please get in touch. I cater for all abilities and ages, and am happy to discuss your individual needs.